Watermaker made by professionals.

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Reliable and proven for years. Worldwide.

Advantages of watermaker on cruising yachts and ships

  • drinkable water in best quality
  • ample showers in soft water
  • less weight, more sailing performance
  • enjoy live on board with fresh water
  • smaller water tanks save weight and fuel
  • doing the laundry and washing the dishes with fresh water
  • cruising everywhere without having problems with fresh water
  • never buy poor water or water containing too much chlorine
  • never stow again containers with drinking water from the supermarket on board

The possibilities are endless


  • All plants in stock.
  • Quality made in Germany.
  • Direct sales at fair prices.
  • 100% availability of all parts.
  • World wide express shipping daily.
  • Support provided directly by manufacturer.
  • Through years of experience servicing watermakers, we do not use any electronics to control our watermakers. An operation without electronic control is clear and fail-safe. Customers with long cruising experience often confirm this concept and go for a desalinator of this design.
By combination of high-quality components

a desalinator made in Germany for a failure-free operation that is reliable for years. Limited to the absolutely necessary components of a desalination plant, doing without any electronics, a trouble-free operation on bord your yacht or ship is ensured for years.

High-pressure pump head in Duplex-stainless steel 1.4462
Watermaker high pressure pump

After careful material study, supported by experience with watermakers since 1990, we manufacture the heart of our high-pressure pumps, the pump head, from 1.4462 duplex stainless steel.

Pressure control valve in Duplex stainless steel 1.4462
Pressure regulation valve watermaker

Developed exclusively for our watermakers, reliably ensures constant working pressure even in the event of voltage fluctuations in the on-board power supply.

High performance feed pump
Feed pump

Enables optimum service life of the seawater pre-filters.

Membranes and high-pressure pipes – proven for years
Pressure Vessel Aquatec Watermaker

The proven industrial membranes, type Seawater 2540 are available worldwide. Even the membrane-housings (pressure vessels), manufactured in large-scale production from GRP, ensure a unlimited service life.


Produkte Watermaker Aquatec...
Customer feedback

Sie bekommen wieder einmal ein Mail von einem Heini. Wir haben einen Watermaker 85 l/h an 12V von Ihnen. Noch immer läuft das Ding einwandfrei, wir haben schon über 66.000 liter Wasser produziert.

Patrick Heini, SY Allure. "Watermaker DC 800"