12 / 24 Volt Watermaker

Desalinator DD 500
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55 l/h

  • Watermaker for use on small boats without generator.
  • Equipped with one membrane, standard size type seawater 2540 worldwide available.
  • Modular design allows optimally adapted installation where space is limited.
  • Direct-driven high-pressure pump, smooth running and maintenance-free by using a flexible coupling.
  • Including separate high-efficiency feed pump for optimum pre-filter service life.
  • Control panel aluminium, silver anodized or anthracite powder-coated, free choice.
  • Delivery incl. all components for easy installation.

Board outlets, sea valve and connection cable are to be provided on board.

Watermaker Aquatec DD500

reliable Watermaker for the two-person crew, driven by a 12 VDC or 24 VDC motor.

DC Watermaker usually are the only option if there is no AC genset or inverter on board to power a desalinator.

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Technical data and prices DD500
ltr./ h
excl. VAT
incl. 19% VAT
DD500 12VDC
41 A (55bar working-pressure e.g. atlantics)
28 A (30bar working-pressure e.g. baltic sea)*
1 x SW30-2540
€ 5,343.70
€ 6,359.00
DD500 24VDC
21 A (55bar working-pressure e.g. atlantics)
15 A (30bar working-pressure e.g. baltic sea)*
1 x SW30-2540
€ 5,427.73
€ 6,459.00

Prices excl./incl. German VAT plus shipping.

*Lower salt content reduces the necessary energy requirement due to lower working pressure at the same product water output.
Product water capacity +/- 15% based on seawater at 25° Celsius and TDS 35,000 ppm on a new membrane at 55 bar (800psi) working pressure (e.g. Atlantic).

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