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Successful since 1991

with enthusiasm for details.

Since 1990, we are concerned with the installation and maintenance of seawater desalination plants on yachts. By the experience in the construction of individual watermakers on customer order, these watermaker series has been developed.
With this series of watermakers, we would like to offer reasonably systems for cruising sailors. After more than 90.000 seemiles of own experience in longterm-trips, we know the sometimes difficult conditions on yachts. 
For that reason, we are sure to be a competent partner for you in the field of watermakers.

Our service:

All plants are immediately available. Shipping world wide daily. 
Advice and technical assistance for the choice and installation of your desalination plant.

Secret of success
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Insight in our warehouse

Joachim Matz, son Michael and crew, your partner for all questions about seawater desalination. Since the start of production of desalination plants, we are proud to offer to all customers 100% stock availability of plants and parts.

Watermaker highpressure-head
Watermaker High Pressure Pump Head.

The pump head for Aquatec plunger pumps is manufactured exclusively from duplex stainless steel 1.4462. This material can be found, because of its corrosion resistance on offshore installations.

Watermaker highpressure regulation valve
Watermaker pressure control valve

with unique control characteristics. Developed by us for optimum constant working pressure even with voltage fluctuations in the electrical system. Of course also made from duplex stainless steel 1.4462.

Watermaker pump head milling
Modern computer-controlled

5-axis milling machine. This unique Watermaker duplex stainless steel high pressure pump heads are milled from solid material. On this milling machine, we can process 2 pumpheads simultaneously with just one clamping.

Aquatec pump assembly
Optimized series production

in large numbers with generous storage allows an advantageous pricing for customers