Watermaker 115/230/400/440 VAC 50/60Hz

Desalinator AC 150
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150 l/h up to 240 l/h

  • Seawater - desalination plants for operation on generators of at least 4 KW continuous power.
  • Equipped with 2 up to 4 membranes depending on capacity, standard size type seawater 2540 worldwide available.
  • Modular design allows optimally adapted installation where space is limited.
  • Including separate high-efficiency feed pump for optimum pre-filter service life.
  • Control panel aluminium, silver anodized or anthracite powder-coated, free choice.
  • Delivery incl. all components for easy installation. Control panel and e-connection box already pre-wired.

Board outlets, sea valve and connection cable are to be provided on board.

Watermaker AC150 to AC240

reliable Watermaker proven for years. Optimal for boats equipped with generator and need for plentiful fresh water without limiting consumption. These desalinators are also used by some of our customers in groups of up to 3 plants with 150 L/h each.

Watermaker AC150 - AC240 require a generator from min. 4-5 KW continuous power. Available as well from stock as compact serie KC150 to KC240.

These watermakers are also available for 3 phase gen sets at 400VAC or 440VAC at 50Hz or 60Hz.

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Technical data and prices AC150 - AC240
Modell - ltr./h
Volt/ Amps
Generator min. power
excl. VAT
incl. 19% VAT
AC - 150 ltr./h
1~230V-10A /1~115V-20A
4.0 KW
2 x SW30-2540
€ 6,200.84
€ 7,379.00
AC - 190 ltr./h
1~230V-11A /1~115V-22A
4.0 KW
3 x SW30-2540
€ 7,024.37
€ 8,359.00
AC - 240 ltr./h
1~230V-12A /1~115V-24A
5.0 KW
4 x SW30-2540
€ 7,873.11
€ 9,369.00
AC- 150 ltr./h
3~400V-5.0A / 3~440V-5.5A
4.0 KW
2 x SW30-2540
€ 6,755.46
€ 8,039.00
AC - 190 ltr./h
3~400V-5.0A / 3~440V-5.5A
4.0 KW
3 x SSW30-2540
€ 7,570.59
€ 9,009.00
AC - 240 ltr./h
3~400V-6.0A / 3~440V-6.5A
5.0 KW
4 x SW30-2540
€ 8,116.81
€ 9,989.00

Prices excl./incl. German VAT plus shipping.

Product water capacity +/- 10% based on seawater at 25° Celsius and TDS 35,000 ppm on a new membrane at 55 bar (800psi) working pressure (Atlantic).

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have one your water makers onboard my sailing vessel “toothless”. Firstly, your water maker is the best water maker I have seen, totally reliable and efficient. I am currently located in the Marquesas Islands sailing back to Australia with my family.

Chris Nicholson (Skipper Volvo Ocean Race 2011-12). "Watermaker AC150"