Some notes about watermaker

Watermaker, find the right size

When deciding to go for a Watermaker, keep in mind that doubling the fresh water output will result in halving the running time. This inevitably leads to a doubling of the lifetime of the Watermaker. However, the energy consumption of the watermaker is then also about twice as high due to the physics involved. The number of possible RO membranes is depending on the pump capacity of the high pressure pump and cannot be increased freely.

If the engine or a genset is used to supply power on a daily schedule, the watermaker should meet the required daily demand within that run time. If a generator with sufficient power is available on board, we generally recommend using an AC watermaker.

User experiences

Customer reports and also own experience the desire for a larger Watermaker, already after short habituation to the luxury of chlorine-free and good fresh water is very frequent. The advantages of having a watermaker on board are many, especially in southern countries, and are often considered a necessity by many yachties.

Daily need for good water

If a watermaker is on board, the water requirement is often 30 liters/day per person according to customer feedback. Including especially the cockpit or if necessary the whole boat to clean from salt. Yachts with many people on board often need twice as much.

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