Watermaker 230 VAC-50 Hz

Desalinator AC 65
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55 l/h up to 135 l/h

  • Desalination plants for operation on small generators and inverters.
  • Equipped with up to 2 membranes depending on capacity, standard size type seawater 2540 worldwide available.
  • Modular design allows optimally adapted installation where space is limited.
  • Including separate high-efficiency feed pump for optimum pre-filter service life.
  • Delivery incl. all components for easy installation. Control panel and e-connection box already pre-wired.

Board outlets, sea valve and connection cable are to be provided on board.




Aquatec AC55 to AC135

reliable Watermaker proven for years. Optimal for a crew of approx. 2 persons. The direct drive ensures smooth and maintenance-free operation.

The low power consumption of the Watermaker AC55, AC65 and AC110 allows the use on small gensets. With active generous charging technology, operation by means of an inverter is also possible. Here we recommend a good inverter with min. 3 KW continuous power.

Watermaker AC75 and AC135 models require a generator with min. 3.5 KW continuous power. If a genset with min. 4 KW continuous power is installed on board, we recommend watermaker of our model AC150 to AC240 modular or KC150 to KC240 compact

If the engine or genset is used for daily power supply, the plant should cover the required daily demand within this running time. On boats where the generator runs continuously, a desalination plant should cover the daily demand within 3 to 12 hours of operation. This provides good economy at low cost.

After customer experience and also own experience the desire for a larger Watermaker, already after short habituation to the luxury of chlorine-free and good fresh water is very frequent. The advantages of having a watermaker on board are many, especially in southern countries, and are often considered a necessity by many yachties.

If a watermaker is on board, the water requirement is often 30 liters/day per person according to customer feedback. Including especially the cockpit or if necessary the whole boat to clean from salt. Yachts with many people on board often need 60 liters/day per person.

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Technical data and prices AC55 - AC135

Generator power 50Hz
Volt/ amps
excl. VAT
incl. 19% VAT
AC55 modular
min. 1.8 KW continuous power
230 V 3.2 amps
1 x SW 2540
€ 5,200.84
€ 6,189.00
AC65 modular
min. 2.2 KW continuous power
230 V 5.8 amps
1 x SW 2540
€ 5,276.47
€ 6.279,00
AC110 modular
min. 2.2 KW continuous power
230 V 5.8 amps
2 x SW 2540
€ 6,032.77
€ 7,179.00
AC75 modular
min. 3,5 KW continuous power
230 V 7.9 amps
1 x SW 2540
€ 5,360.50
€ 6,379.00
AC135 modular
min. 3,5 KW continuous power
230 V 7.9 amps
2 x SW 2540
€ 6,152.21
€ 7,289.00

Capacity given at +/- 10% for standard seawater at 25° Celsius and 35 g/l salinity at 55bar working-pressure (atlantics).


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