12 / 24 Volt Watermaker

Desalinator DD 500
Desalinator DD 500.

55 l/h capacity

Watermaker for use on small boats without generator.

Equipped with one membranes, standard size type seawater 2540 worldwide available.

Modular design allows optimally adapted installation where space is limited.

Including separate high-efficiency feed pump for optimum pre-filter service life.

Delivery incl. all components for easy installation.

Board outlets, sea valve and connection cable are to be provided on board.


Watermaker DD 500, a proven desalinator for the two-person crew, driven by a 12 V or 24 V DC motor. The direct drive via a flexible coupling ensures smooth and maintenance-free operation.

DC watermaker usually are the only option when there is no generator on board to power a desalinator with 1 or 3 phase AC (115 V- 440 V).

When deciding on a watermaker, keep in mind that doubling the fresh water output will result in halving the runing time. This inevitably leads to a doubling of the lifetime of the watermaker. However, the energy consumption of the watermaker is then also about twice as high due to the physics involved.

After customer experience and also own experience the desire for a larger Watermaker, already after short habituation to the luxury of chlorine-free and good fresh water is very often present. The advantages of having a watermaker on board are very diverse, especially in southern countries, and are often considered a necessity by many yachties.

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Technical data and prices DD 500

ltr./ h
excl. VAT
incl. 19% VAT
DD 500 12 Volt
41 A (55bar working-pressure e.g. atlantics)
28 A (30bar working-pressure e.g. baltic sea)*
1 x SW 2540
€ 5,116.81
€ 6,089
DD 500 24 Volt
21 A (55bar working-pressure e.g. atlantics)
15 A (30bar working-pressure e.g. baltic sea)*
1 x SW 2540
€ 5,192.44
€ 6,179

*Lower seawater salinity reduces the necessary energy requirement due to lower working pressure at the specified product water output.
Capacity given at +/- 10% for standard seawater at 25° Celsius and 35 g/l salinity at 55bar working-pressure (atlantics).


Prices excl./incl. German VAT plus shipping.
Deliveries within the EU are carried out at the VAT rate of the respective country of delivery

Deliveries to countries outside the EU are carried out without charging German VAT.
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